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Launched in 2007 with the humble idea to recognize independent record stores, Record Store Day (RSD) has blossomed into a global phenomenon. The list of RSD exclusives continues to expand, as more labels continue to throw open their catalogs to an appreciative audience that grows each year.

Beyond the day-long frenzy, RSD exists to offer proof of the lively role record stores play in the community and a chance for folks on both sides of the counter to offer gratitude for each other. It's a capsule-sized snapshot of what this whole record world is about. Whether you’re a hardcore type who times their arrival for a spot at the front of the line or somebody who waits until the afternoon for a more leisurely experience, we hope you’ll join us.


  1. We OPEN at 7AM for RSD shopping

  2. Line to form westbound on Monroe Street. We'll have loaded grab bags for the first 50 early bird customers FREE with every RSD purchase.

  3. While in line, you will be handed a menu of all RSD titles

  4. We will pull your requests & you will check out outside

  5. The shop will open for normal browsing when the RSD line is gone

  6. RSD titles will be located upstairs


Beyond the line forming westbound on Monroe Street, we're also working to establish an event perimeter on Harrison Street between the Monroe Street intersection and the Trader Joe's parking structure exit. The idea is to give our beautiful fans an exceptional (and fun) experience as they get closer to checkout.

Think Giveaways. Food & drink sponsors. And a post-RSD purchase area to shop some of our fresh used selection and hang with fellow recordheads before the shop opens back up. And amplififed sets from Madison's finest DJs:

8 - 9: DJ Paul Grain aka Strictly Discs' own Dru Korab
9 - 10: The Real Jaguar
10 - 11: Evan Woodward (real name, no gimmicks) & on loan from Mexican Summer Records in NYC…Strictly Discs alum Zack Stafford
11 - 12: DJ Bruce Blaq
12 - 1: DJ Nate Zukas
1 - 2: DJ Slimzy aka Andrew Thomas


To answer the inevitable question, “What time do I need to get there to make sure I get the [YOUR FAVORITE TITLE(S) HERE] RSD exclusive?” The answer is, we can’t give you an exact time because we never know when a specific release will sell out.

We always tell customers regardless of the release, if you really, really, really want it and want to give yourself the best chance of getting it, get here as early as you can.

There are no preorders, no reservations, no holds, no phone orders – Record Store Day releases are only available in person at Strictly Discs from 7AM to 8PM Saturday. Any remaining stock will be available when we open at 11AM Sunday.


The Record Store Day list sure is looking swell. But there is always room for those gems in the bins.

As always, we'll be rolling out an extra-saucey spread of 1,000+ rare used vinyl. Rare original pressings, limited EPs, seldom-seen box sets, audiophile specimens, collectible bootlegs, international imports, subscription-only heat, just flat out quirky LPs, records we last had in stock for approximately one day, nine years ago…it will all be on-hand for your picking.

As we get closer to April 20th, we'll share more of our fresh used crop by genre and artist, as well as teaser videos and pics on our Instagram and Facebook.

We do not buy used CDs or LPs on Record Store Day.

We do not accept coupons for Record Store Day releases.

Record Store Day titles do not count towards the Buy 12 Get 1 Free program.

Record Store Day items are limited to one per person.

When filling out your wish list and you see any listings with a limit of zero, this means the RSD pressing quantity has not been released yet by the label. If you want it, select it! Then we'll do our best to get it!

Record Store Day 2024 - UPDATE

The lists have been sealed, we are no longer accepting new registrations.

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